The Ultimate Guide To The Levoit Core Mini Review

Levoit is not a new name in the air purifying game. It has been around since 2017, and it has been making some of the most feature-packed air purifiers. Today, we’ll take a look at Core Mini, a little but mighty air-purifying device from the California-based company!

A Quick Overview of Levoit Core Mini

This air purifier retails for about $49.99. At this price, it is one of the most affordable options on the market, particularly if you consider the prices of air purifiers from American brands. It has a room coverage of 337 Square Feet, so it is best suited for small rooms.

Just like other levoit core automatic air fresheners, this one uses a three-stage filtration system to work. It means there are three filters included in this device: Pre-Filter, HEPA Filter, and Activated Carbon Filter. These three ensure it produces clean and fresh air for you to breathe.

Design-wise, the Levoit Core Mini is pleasing to look at. It has a simple tubular design, with air vents on its side. Air is sucked in from the device’s bottom section and it will move upward through the air filtration system before it gets released.

Considering these good things, it comes as no surprise that Levoit Core Mini earned 4.6 stars on Amazon. Many users say that this device is very quiet and works well in a small room. It sounds just like a small fan when it operates, making it a perfect choice for a bedroom.

Features Of Levoit Core Mini:

Compact Design:

Compact and space-saving in design, Levoit air purifiers are ideal for personal or smaller homes.

Efficient Filtration:

levoit core mini air purifier filter are often fitted with high-tech filtration techniques, such True HEPA filters, to efficiently collect and remove a range of pollutants, such as dust, pollen, pet dander, and allergens.

Silent Function:

Because many Levoit air purifiers are built to run discreetly, they can be used in quiet settings like offices and bedrooms.

Several Filtration Steps:

Levoit air purifiers often use multiple filtering stages, such as pre-filters and activated carbon filters, in addition to True HEPA filters, to target various types of airborne particles and odors.

Sensors for Air Quality:

Certain models have built-in air quality sensors that allow the fan speed to automatically adjust based on the air quality at any given time.

LEVOIT Air Purifiers for Bedroom Home
  • Breathe freely and sleep better.
  • Remove pet odors or musty smells with a few drops

Manufacturer:‎ LEVOIT

Product Specifications:

Brand: Levoit
HouseFresh Rating: 3 stars
Floor Area: 337 Square Feet
Time to clean our test room: 1 hour and 51 minutes
Air purifier technology: H13 (Medical) Grade HEPA and Activated Charcoal
Recommended room size: 178 sq. ft.


The filtration system is the thing that makes this one an impressive device. With a filtering capacity that can handle particles as tiny as zero point three micrometers, it cleanses the air in your home from a wide range of debris and allergens.

The QuietKEAP Technology also makes the device nearly silent when operating. Its noise level does not go beyond 27 dB. You will barely notice it when it is running. This, of course, is a handy feature to have, especially if you want a restful sleep.

The VortexAir™ Technology is another noteworthy feature of this air purifier. Thanks to this feature, the device can suck in air from all directions. And, because it has a decent CADR, it can clean the air in 178 Square Feet twice an hour.

This air purifier can simply be operated by pressing a button. There are three fan speeds available and you can cycle through them with just a touch of a button. This makes operating the device very simple. You can also use the button to reset the Check Filter indicator.


The first thing we don’t like about the Levoit Core Mini is the absence of an automatic air sensor. While it has an auto shutdown feature, it does not have the ability to detect surrounding air quality and start automatically when needed.

If an air purifier has an air detection system, it can start automatically when the air quality comes down to a certain level and you don’t have to turn it on manually. Also, it can help you minimize energy waste because it can adjust the fan speed to the air quality level.

related question:

how to clean levoit core mini air purifier?

Turn off and disconnect your Levoit Core Mini Air Purifier before beginning to clean it. Find and remove all of the filters, including the activated carbon, True HEPA, and pre-filter. Dust and other materials should be carefully removed from the exterior using a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment, being mindful of ventilation and other openings.

Use a gentle, moist cloth to clean the external surfaces; stay away from harsh chemicals.If your air purifier contains washable filters, rinse them under lukewarm water and let them air dry according to the manufacturer's cleaning instructions. Replace disposable filters by the suggested schedule. Examine internal components for any accumulation of dust, then clean them if needed using a soft brush or a can of compressed air.

How often should you change the filter on a Levoit core mini?

A Levoit Core Mini air purifier's replacement schedule is influenced by a number of variables, including the model, usage patterns, and filter kinds. Typically, every two to three months, the pre-filter—which collects bigger particles—may need to be cleaned or replaced.

The activated carbon filter, which targets gasses and odors, may need to be replaced every six to twelve months, but the True HEPA filter, which is meant for finer particles, usually lasts six to twelve months. For advice unique to your model, consult the user manual. To ensure that filter replacements are done on schedule, make use of the filter replacement indicator. If you're unsure, ask Levoit customer service for advice on when to change the parts on the model you have.

How much power does the Levoit core mini use?

The power consumption of the Levoit Core Mini air purifier can vary depending on the specific model and its settings. Generally, Levoit designs their air purifiers to be energy-efficient. For accurate information about the power consumption of the Levoit Core Mini, it is recommended to refer to the product's user manual or check the specifications on the official Levoit website.

Typically, air purifiers have different fan speed settings, and the power usage can vary based on the selected speed. Lower fan speeds generally consume less power, while higher speeds may have a higher power draw for more effective air purification in larger spaces or under conditions of higher pollution.

Can I put essential oils in my Levoit air purifier?

Yes, it's possible, but with specific conditions! Essential oils can be used in air purifiers that are designed for it. Such purifiers typically come with small pads where you can place a few drops of your preferred essential oil.

This compact and quiet unit features a 'fragrance sponge' or 'aroma pad' located at the top of the purifier. You can add a few drops of your favorite scent to enhance your relaxation. Meanwhile, the HEPA and activated charcoal filters work together to purify your space.

Can I wash Levoit air filter?

It is not recommended by Levoit to wash their air filters. Levoit air purifier filters are often not washable and are meant to be changed as they get soiled or blocked.Attempting to wash the filters could lead to material damage and a decrease in their efficacy. Generally speaking, vacuuming the purifier's exterior and changing the filters according to the manufacturer's instructions are advised as maintenance.

For information on how to properly maintain and care for your particular Levoit air purifier model, always consult the user manual. You can also get advice about cleaning the filters by getting in touch with Levoit customer service.

The Verdict: Is Levoit Core Mini the Best Automatic Air Freshener?

Thanks to its reliable and high-performing devices, Levoit has become one of the best-selling air purifier brands in the US. And, with the Core Mini, the guys at this company have proved once again that they are serious about what they do.

Despite its small size and affordable price, the Levoit Core Mini review & offers excellent performance for homeowners. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it also does a good job of providing fresh air. It will handle small to medium-sized rooms with ease.

Overall, it is a great air purifier option for budget-conscious users. Without a doubt, due to its low price, you will not find all the bells and whistles offered by more premium models on this device, such as the automatic air sensor.

Also, you can just put it anywhere you like. Since it has a very tiny footprint, you will have no trouble placing it, whether it is in your apartment, bedroom, or office cubicle. Ultimately, its ultra-quiet operation makes this air-purifying device a must-buy.

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