The 5 Best Urinal Screen Deodorizer Of 2023

Looking for the best urinal screen deodorizer on the market? A urinal deodorizer screen keeps a toilet smelling fresh and makes it more comfortable for everyone to use.

Spend some of your valuable time and do your research before purchasing a urinal deodorizer. And if you’re not sure where to begin your research, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

We conducted extensive research on thousands of different items in this category and arrived at some of the urinal screens. So, here is a list of the top eight urinal screen deodorizers to help you find one that matches your needs.


T3-R Urinal DeodorizerPerfect for Bathroom Offices, Hotels, Restaurants & Airports

T3-R’s urinal deodorizer is at the top of our list for three reasons: variety, practicality, and price for value. With such advantages, it is hard to argue that this is not one of the best urinal freshener products on the market.

When you open the box, you’ll discover 15 individually wrapped deodorizers. Each box comes with three scent options: orange scent, lemon scent, and ocean breeze scent, making it simple to have different varieties in your toilets.

Aside from the variety of scent selections, this pack of urinal screen is especially popular due to its intelligently designed form. If you look closely, you’ll notice that each deodorizer has an upgraded bristle design for reduced urine backsplash.

The 5 Best Urinal Screen Deodorizer Of 2023

T3-R Urinal Deodorizer Best Values

Long-lasting Fragrance

Furthermore, the deodorizer design will assist you in keeping liquids where they belong rather than splashing out and onto the concrete floor. As a result, your task of keeping the restroom clean will become easier, reducing the workload of your maintenance guy.

And, if you frequently find solid waste materials on your toilets, this is the one to use. T3-R Urinal Deodorizer has an excellent filter to keep drains running freely after each flush and will fit easily over the drainage serving as a net to trap unwanted objects.

  • Three available scent options
  • Great price for value
  • Up to 30 days of freshness per urinal screen
  • Powerful and long-lasting scents
  • This one is high in demand, so you have to get it fast while available

VirtuSale Urinal Screen DeodorizerPerfect Toilet Deodorizer

This is yet another urinal deodorizer on this list that comes in a variety of scents. VirtuSale urinal deodorizer offers two scent options for you: lemon scent and ocean breeze scent. Each box contains 12 urinal screen deodorizers (2 Different Scents and colors. 6x Lemon – Lemon Scent & 6x Blue – Ocean Breeze Scent).

VirtuSale Urinal Screens Deodorizer is a great tool for splashing back and reducing odor. Fits with 99% of Major Brands of Urinals. VirtuSale urinal screens have been carefully designed and manufactured to a high standard to ensure the fragrance. Each VirtuSale urinal splash guard has over 100 small extrusions that help prevent splashing back and stop small items from clogging up urinal pipework. 

The 5 Best Urinal Screen Deodorizer Of 2023

VirtuSale Urinal Screen Deodorizer Best Values

Best for Office, Hotels, Factories & Restaurants

Finally, Each stackable box contains individually wrapped Virtusale urinal deodorixer and disposable gloves. VirtuSale urinal deodorizer provides a consistent and long-lasting fragrance. It was specifically engineered to gradually emit fresh scents that can keep the bathroom urinals smelling fresh for a whole month.

Each urinal deodorizer can endure 5,000 flushes. More importantly, the manufacturer assures a money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the deodorizer’s performance. Hand gloves are also included for simple and hygienic installation of each urinal screen.

  • Available in two different scents
  • Fits 99% of urinal brands
  • Eliminate splashback
  • Includes only 12 urinal screen deodorizers in one package
  • Limited stock

SPARGOS Urinal Screen DeodorizerOdor Protection for Toilets

SPARGOS Urinal Screen Deodorizer, like the previous product, comes in two scent options: lemon and ocean breeze. Even so, this one provides better value for money because it includes 24 urinal deodorizers in one package.

One amazing feature of this SPARGOS product is that it has a unique design that allows liquid to flow directly into the drain hole, reducing the amount of time it lingers on the urinal surface and the possibility of a backsplash.

The 5 Best Urinal Screen Deodorizer Of 2023

SPARGOS Urinal Screen Deodorizer Best Values

Works For 30 Days

And, because of its simple yet versatile layout, this urinal screen deodorizer is compatible with virtually every urinal brand currently available. This makes it incredibly simple for business owners and cleaning service staff to keep their restrooms odor-free.

Each urinal screen is carefully wrapped to ensure maximum freshness. Furthermore, the producer of SPARGOS Urinal Deodorizer has included complimentary disposable gloves in each package.

  • Available in two different scent options
  • Great value for money
  • Does not include any warranty

Fresh Products Wave 3DVirtually Eliminates Urine Splash

Although Fresh Products Wave 3D is the last name on this list, it is not any less powerful than the others. It comes with 10 screen deodorizers in one package and is available in seven scent options: Cotton Blossom, Cucumber, Fabulous, Herbal Mint, Mango, Orange, and Spiced Apple.

This is the greatest option for those who want to eliminate all possibilities of splashback. With its patented hex design, Fresh Products Wave 3D will make your urinal free from any splattered fluid.

Another advantage of this urinal deodorizer is that it is double-sided, which means it will work equally well on either side. This makes it simple for your cleaning team to put this screen deodorizer on a urinal.

The 5 Best Urinal Screen Deodorizer Of 2023

Fresh Products Wave 3D Best Values

30-Day Use & Easy Installation

Adopting a unique drain design on these urinal screens is also a significant plus. The urine fluid will not linger on the urinal’s surface for too long, lowering the risk of backsplash and lingering odor.

Reminders are attached along the sides of each screen, making it impossible to forget when to change the urinal deodorizer. Moreover, each deodorizer is individually wrapped for guaranteed freshness.

Promising refreshing capability for up to 30 Days, this product will work effectively for any public toilet facility. This deodorizer makes it simple to keep any urinal smelling fresh and clean.

  • Unique hex design
  • Includes reminder for an on-time replacement
  • Only available in one scent option

Urinal Screen Deodorizer FAQs

You’ve certainly seen urinal deodorizers before, but you might not be sure what they are. So, in this section, we will address some urinal deodorizer FAQs to help you understand them better.

Q: What does a urinal deodorizer do?

A: To begin with, the “screen” design of such a deodorizer allows it to filter out any solid waste elements that are not intended to go into the drainage hole. Cigarette butts, tissue, candy wrappers, and so forth are examples.

Second, the screen’s design also serves to slow the flow of urine as it approaches the drainage hole. Why is it essential to slow it down? If the urine fluid enters the toilet too quickly, it may cause splashback and stain the toilet’s floor.

Finally, because it is an odor-neutralizer, a urinal deodorizer will keep your urinal smelling fresh. Orange, lemon, and ocean breeze are the most typical scents.

Q: How long does a urinal screen deodorant last?

A: A good urinal screen deodorant will keep urinals smelling good for at least 30 days. Some options may not last as long, however, this is mainly due to the fact that they are water-soluble and biodegradable.

Q: Why do we need screen deodorizers?

A: Because it helps to reduce odors and reduce splashback. It also helps to stop small items from clogging up urinal pipework. Besides that, it contains uric acid, which is the component in our urine fluid that causes an unpleasant odor.

The acid contains an enzyme called urease, which hydrolyzes urea into ammonia and carbamate. The latter quickly breaks down to carbonic acid.

Q: What are the materials of urinal screen deodorizers?

A: Urinal deodorizers are typically comprised of paradichlorobenzene, a disinfectant, and a deodorizer. The unique thing about paradichlorobenzene is that it only works when it is exposed to urine. Consequently, the less frequently it is exposed to urine, the longer it will last.

Final Verdict

Whether you manage a public facility or own a business, it is important to keep your toilets smelling fresh all the time. Thankfully, the presence of urinal screen deodorizers has made the work much easier.

So, after reading the guide above, have you decided on which deodorizer to buy for your urinal? Without a doubt, each of the products on the above list has its own pluses and minuses. However, we must say that T3-R Urinal Screens Deodorizer is by far the best option.

T3-R Urinal Screens Deodorizer not only includes 3 different fragrance selections in each package, but it also offers up to 30 days of refreshing power. Furthermore, it includes free hand gloves inside the package and the pricing is very reasonable for such top quality.

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